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Fox Hills University


FHU offers you:

   · video courses taught by faculty from our best universities

   · occasional lectures by visiting faculty

   · cultural special events that enhance courses such as day trips to New York City’s museums, concert halls and special course-related lectures

   · an email service to keep residents up to date on the latest FHU happenings

Started in 2004, FHU continues to give residents a chance to go back to school in the comfort of their own clubhouse. No tests, no grades, no books...just sit in, learn and enjoy, alone or with friends!

FHU's Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum covers a range of courses in history, art, music, philosophy, psychology, language, government, literature, religion and other compelling subjects. Each class meets once a week for an hour starting at 4PM in the TV Lounge in our Clubhouse (some music courses run 90 minutes and start earlier in the afternoon). Catalogs that give in-depth information on the courses for the upcoming year are available in December.

Some of the courses we have shared with our neighbors in past years include: The Louvre, British Drama, Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Mozart, Medieval History, Russian Literature, Greek Tragedy, World War II, the Civil War, The Great Books, Verdi’s Operas, The Impressionists, China, Existentialism, Current Fiction, Linguistics, World War I, the American Revolution, Jazz, The Broadway Musical, Nutrition, Cultures of the World, Shakespeare, Plato, The Aging Process, the Symphony, Comparative Religion, Great Paintings, Mythology, Churchill, Evolution, Ancient Egypt, World Literature, and more.

FHU MOVIE NIGHT: Starting again in 2014, FHU will screen a great foreign film or film classic or current quality film on one available Sunday evening. Admission is free and open to all.